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Journey of my Life



In 2017, at the age of 16 years old. I moved to a small piece of land in the globe, but it was a multicultural place, and it was in Australia. I felt that I was not ready to immigrate to a place so far from my sweet, responsible and lovable family. When I left my hometown, ‘curiosity killed the cat’ was repeating on my thoughts. Why do we need to move if we can just stay where we grew up? The feeling of leaving my country was the most painful for me, it illustrates my heartbreaking story when I left my place, but the memories will remain. When I entered the plane, I smelled the strong aroma of sorrows, this was the reason for leaving and the new journey that I would face, with no back-ups. Also seeing different people that came from attractive places, they were as different as night and day. For the tiring day, I slept like a log, which helped my brain to rest and stopped thinking about my thoughts. I was watching outside of my window with a watery fluid that dropped from my tired eyes and thinking how would this new land be? Would they welcome me as I am? I was soon to find out. In the morning, on our way to arrival my heart was jumping out of my chest. Illustrating the different luxury cars, different people wearing fancy dresses and huge buildings outside. In my thoughts I was saying that “This is it”, I can feel the heavy weight on my shoulders and the suspenseful feeling for my journey. We kept walking with my mum to meet my stepfather that was patiently waiting for us. Furthermore, my brain still scrambled full of curiosity. I need to keep going to face this fear, to overcome these challenges.


Before school started, my parents and I went to a gigantic school to meet my kind teachers and the staff. When I entered the room, I smelled the fresh start of my journey. My heart began to race as I met my adviser, she introduced herself with confidence showing me a big smile on her face. My teacher, Miss Anna, had dull-curly hair and with a feminine look, her eyes were blue like the ocean. The principal had talked to my parents including me about the rules and what would be my situation in this school. The next day, when I stepped inside the school premises, I was wondering if should I go or just go home and keep myself in isolation? It was because I had had a social phobia when I am new to the place. I took a deep breath and slowly moved my shaky legs. I saw different students coming from different culture. Miss Anna approached me and saying “come inside, I will take you to your class.”  I followed. The curious girl stayed quiet, she did not speak even one word out of her mouth. It was like she swallowed the dried river, there was no water inside, then the tongue was cut-out. My teacher introduced me to the class. I walked in front of the class and started to say, “My name is Shane, I’m 16 years of age, I came from a place which has motto and that is” It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Yes! I proudly came from the Philippines. There’s a girl that is named Bella, she was shocked when she heard that I’m 16 years of age. I felt anxious that time looking around our safe and quiet classroom and meeting my friendly classmates by imagining their dreams the same as mine. After that, when the bell rang so loud, it was a sign that recess time begins. I stepped outside the room not expecting some of my classmates standing and waiting for me or I just felt assuming. They were staring at me; I don’t know if it was a friendly pity look or judgments. I didn’t talk to them because I was timid like a turtle and kept walking until I reached the door. The weather was cloudy, and I was stuck in the darkness. I don’t know where I should go but I sat under the big tree looking at some students playing from a distance. Bella came and talked to me “Hey Shane, you can come with us”, I followed and started to hang out with them still having a nervous feeling. In my thoughts she seemed nice to me. I was thinking Bella can be my friend. She was Malaysian with a mocha coloured skin, her eyes were brown as wood, following with a good attitude. We were having a conversation, it was like a friendly talk. The bell rang, we went inside, and I sat beside her and confidently started talking to them. Ring! Ring! Ring! It was time to go home, I had enjoyed my day because I made lovable and loyal friends. It was time to go home and be prepared for tomorrow.

Throughout the years, time flies by like one snap then, boom! Gone. I’ve stayed for long time at that school . I was so glad to be close to my teachers, Miss Anna was the best teacher that I’ve ever known in my whole life. She was the careless kind of person like a chocolate that I’ve known. I was getting too close with my classmates, the reasons were every time I participated the sharing books. Every Tuesday  we were used to read books to the whole bunch of class and some humble visitors who would volunteer the event. All staffs and students knew me very well because of my ability to participate in every curriculum activity that held at school. I used to join in every time because it gave me an opportunity to show the world that I have my own strength to prove people that no matter where we came from, what culture we have, we deserve to enjoy the happiness that made us to live continually. Now I really have fun making friends, but we never know what kind of problem we will be facing. The day that we went to a wide, big, and flat out like a lizard place of Melbourne with my teachers and my crazy friends. We were inside the train, laughing so hard with my friends, I just can’t believe that I was not alone at that time. It was kind of determination and confidence that I had to make friends and for having them in my life. In several hours, we finally reached our destination. I was so excited to roam around with my friends, having a good time with them and building up memorable experiences. Melbourne was so busy, there were different people walking and minding their own business. When we went inside the market, I didn’t like the smell seafoods, it was mixed frozen food you can see in every corner you stare, as I walked past in the market, something smelt like Vegemite, I was holding my breath every 3 second. It was shame if you’re covering your nose when you walked past the food stalls. My friends were laughing because of the situation. As we were enjoying the day, I took a selfie with my friend, without knowing her detailed tradition on their culture, click! I took a picture with her then we smiled. Staring on the birds flying above the blue sky, saying that “I wonder what it feels like flying above the sky? Is it good enough to reach their destination?’’. Those were the questions that comes up in my head, I kept those questions to myself and maybe I could find the real answers for that confusion. On our way home, I felt that my body was shutting down, I slept at the bus enjoying my fantastic day. I’d made friends, also enjoyed hanging out with them and getting closer to my teachers as knowing how they were responsible for their students. It was time to rest.



Then the next day, I was smiling and being hyper while entering the class, when I saw one of the teachers approaching to me and quickly asked that ‘’hey Shane did you post something about one of the students here?”. I couldn’t speak out ff confusion, what was she talking about? Thinking, thinking, thinking! “Oh, Yes miss I remember it”, I replied anxiously. It was my friend where I took picture with and I posted it on Facebook without her permission, also not knowing her rules on their culture. I felt the slow motions of the event and some students staring at me because of what I did. I felt shame for my friends and teachers, like what the hell did I do, I’m not dumb but why I didn’t think of that before I do. There were a lot of negative thoughts I was thinking. I felt the small tears that dropped from my eyes, I had realised I cried on that day for instance because I admitted to myself that I was wrong. Looking at her, I felt sorry for her, wondering how her family was going to react. I apologised to her and hoped for her kindly forgiveness. It was not my intention to do, I only wanted to be friends with her so that’s why. For me it’s okay to made a mistake because you can learn a lesson from it. I’m still happy because they still wanted to be friends with me without doubt. I was strongly facing my problems and actions because I knew that this was a challenge to test me how brave I am.


As day by day, time was so fast for me, patiently waiting for my friend’s forgiveness. My prayer was answered. It so hard for me to lose a friend but I was grateful she forgave me. I felt special that day when she totally forgave me, we couldn’t predict what would happen in the future also we don’t know what was in a person’s mind. As an example of that situation I realised what the term careful means, it was like we need to be careful sometimes with our words and actions. We were friends again. We were like Tom and Jerry: whatever the argument was it always ended up for forgiveness. I learnt a lesson when I did something wrong and that helped me to be strong in every circumstance that I have faced. When you did wrong it does not mean you’re weak, it means the true meaning of strong because you really wanted to learn from your mistakes and consistently making it right. I enjoyed my life and being in other’s life, accepting me from who I am, supporting me when I needed and loving me as my second family.


Finally, I really hate goodbyes, this was the time when I’m leaving school and ready for my next level of my life. I knew that this was not the ending for me and my friends, this was the new beginning of my journey to reached. The last night thinking of graduation, I hoped that time would tick slowly so that I’d have more time to be with my friends and keep making memories. I entered the room, I had this excitement and following the sadness.  I felt the heavy weight on my legs, I couldn’t move. I thought this was the sign that my presence felt like not attending graduation because of my nervousness to leave my school and responsible teachers. But this was it, I couldn’t escape from it. I had to face this even though it was so hard for me being a student. The thought of leaving my teachers gave me more heart break than the serious relationship. I really hate that when I already have a good bond with that people and knowing that I ended up leaving them for my own good. “Oh my god, why couldn’t I just stay where I much prefer than going to other places where I was not comfortable with?”, I screamed in my head. I realised when moving to Australia and leaving my country. Well that’s life, I need to be strong like King Kong because when we get older, we were facing some difficult problems to cope up. I thought I already found the answer for my questions about the bird when we went to Melbourne. I chose bird because it symbolises freedom and it relates on the event that happened in my life. Freedom makes bird to fly for this reason they can fly higher and reached their destination anytime. In other words, this example applies to my life, we can dream high and reach our dream with full efforts and positive perception in life. I knew it was hard on the first time but trying our best was more important to challenge ourselves when it comes in difficulties. Dreaming higher than a mountain was normal for students because they were more capable to reach their goals. The moral that I’ve learnt in this story is: being human it is normal to make a mistake until you realise that it was wrong so there’s no need to do that again., and it’s better to try even though you know that it will not work but you feel great because you wouldn’t have known the outcome unless you tried.

By: Shane














That is some life-story. I actually felt a tear in my eye when I was reading it.

31st Aug, 20

Oh thank you I really appreciate that😊 im so glad because you have time to read that😀god bless you

31st Aug, 20


1st Sep, 20

thank you😊

1st Sep, 20